It seems that the further down range the ball is hit the curve away from center increases at an increasing rate off line hits are a curve that gets relatively more off line the further down range the ball is hit and in any event is not a straight line I wonder if you dialed back on the swing speed for the Epic and hit it the same distance as the BBB if the distance off line for the Epic might be even closer than the BBB? Michael 1 year ago. All Items climachill climaheat climaproof climacool climastorm. Doug 1 year ago. Seems like most of the other specs are fairly comparable. Real testers is much more difficult, time consuming and costly.

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Your reasoning for choosing Bridgestone is sound as is his reasoning that one particular ball is an inadequate fit, especially for those with higher swing speeds. Excellent club for tight course’s with a tight callaway big bertha hawkeye Hawkyee All tests where different shafts are callaway big bertha hawkeye are pointles and I am surprised that people pretending to be pros are doing it.


With single clubs driver, fairways, hybrids, etc. Joseph Milazzo 1 year ago. Winn Excel Oversize Grip Black w. It also gave a dad who was what seemed like a football field behind my drives the summer before a very real advantage.

Callaway Hawkeye Drivers

Brad 1 year ago. Basically the same observation as yours just expressed a little differently. I gave up distance, but was in the fairway more often. Unfortunately, we do not have any stock for the models you are looking for today.

Callaway Biggest Big Bertha () VS. Callaway EPIC ()

Year of high school back in the bag am I? Kris 11 months ago. Thomas Brokl callaway big bertha hawkeye year ago. I think that we have entered the nano-tech age to try to stretch out a new improvement.

So, it looks like drivers have improved about 0. If robots were the best way to test we would have bought one a longgggg time ago:.

Best Selling in Golf Clubs See all. Pretty sure Callaway have had more than 20 models since so being generous, each new model, you might pick up a yard on average.

These comparisons are great, looking forward to some research into iron improvements. The Putter, only the price has changed there. The callaway big bertha hawkeye is designed to hertha a driver against another driver…. Our job is your game. Golf Apparel By Brand [-]. Joe 1 year ago. Bryan Greer 1 year ago. I remember taking my shiny new Hawkeye to the range.


If those clubs, balls, and shoes were all supposed to give me beftha 5 more yards every year, every year, I should be bombing it somewhere north of yards off the tee every time!

The original Great Big Bertha callaway big bertha hawkeye one of my all time favorite drivers. Be Heard for Real: Matt 1 year ago.

Sell Your Golf Clubs. I have been impressed with the whole service.

Callaway HawkEye Driver

Dgolfer 1 year ago. Back in in my early twenties I would consistently hit my Callaway Great Big Bertha driver straight and over yards. The only thing EPIC is the level of year-over-year marketing hype that leads people to hakweye.