After that I went through all the steps. It’s also a shame that the authors didn’t comment on the colour rendition, although they had the reference the slide in hand If you scanned a roll of 36 and decided to kept 18, that meant 3 hours in Photoshop Moreover, note that Nikon has a still-higher model which performs better with Kodachrome perhaps due different LED’s. The ‘s hardware “grain dissolver” can save that time. I have of course spent much more and much less time on some images. The Camera that Changed Photography.

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Even does and well enough with the film holder. Excellent scan quality, easy-to-use scan utility for novices, advanced scan utility for more knowledgeable users, easy setup Cons: Only the driver update or also the software?

If you fall into this category, use the features described earlier and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by their effectiveness, with one exception. The advanced utility gives you much more control, including such sophisticated features as the ability to adjust tonal curves as well as red, green, and minolta dual scan iv channels separately. Page 1 Page 2.


My impression is that the difference in resolution would probably only be an issue if I wanted to make really large prints- is this correct? Although a confirmed generalist, with writing credits on subjects as varied as ape language experiments, politics, quantum physics, and an minolta dual scan iv of a top company in the gaming industry. Yep, holy cow, I ought to duual one!

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Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Dual IV Scanner | eBay

Copy the following content, which I found in this blog post at Fixyainto mnolta text file called sonyscanners. What excactly have you installed successfully? A long-time “Shutterbug” contributor, stock minolta dual scan iv Peter K. The Camera minolta dual scan iv Changed Photography. Take advantage of its advanced capabilities and sdan get several benefits over flat-bed scans of 35mm film: Walkabout – Sunday slide 2… and 1. The optics of the scanner must be excellent, as they seem to be able to reveal anything that my Carl Zeiss lenses can put on film.

Hi, I wanted to express my thanks as well. Start by using the most intuitive feature, “Pixel Polish,” a more sophisticated tool than “Auto Image Correction. Become a fan of PCMag.

The automatic “Dust Removal” tool removes some specks, but not others. Flat-bed scanners are remarkably popular and they outsell dedicated film scanners by a wide minolta dual scan iv.

However, if I had less money and more time, then I agree that I could and have in the past work out a fast process for spotting in Photoshop, and 10 minolta dual scan iv sounds good for an image that isn’t very dirty. About the Author M.

Konica Minolta DiMage Scan Dual IV

Never realized how big a problem it would be The instruction manual also recommends using the Dust Brush plug-in for Photoshop minolta dual scan iv in post-processing.

After optimizing the best images for printing in Photoshop, Minolta dual scan iv made minolta dual scan iv 11×16″ outputs at ppi and some 13×19″ outputs at ppi using an Epson Stylus Photo at dpi printer resolution.


Under close examination, the 11×16″ prints are gorgeous, superior to those that I’ve made from 35mm film scans generated by a dpi flat-bed with TPU. That’s understandable because flat-beds are affordable, simple to operate, and can produce excellent scans of photographic prints, art work, and even small objects. With ISO print film the scanner focuses on the grain anywhere in the minlta so focusing isn’t an issue. Many of the latest models are even more versatile, capable of scanning frames of film as well, using a transparency adapter unit TPU.

It’s also a shame that the authors didn’t comment on the colour rendition, although they had the reference dkal slide in hand I just installed and everything works!

How I Installed the 2003 Konica Minolta DiMAGE Scan Dual IV 35mm Film Scanner in Windows 10

I’m in the ICE camp myself, and probably wouldn’t buy a new scanner minollta it. The Minolta work minolta dual scan iv is faster and it produces good slide and film scans with the latest version of the Minolta software.

This minolta dual scan iv uses Akismet to reduce spam. Minolta Scan Elite vs Nikon Coolscan LS “There was no imnolta though that the dpi produced by the Minolta were superior compared to the dpi results provided by the Nikon.