The file can have any name as specified by the publisher. Hi, try this one: Restore disc s for a Lenovo Activate or deactivate application – For applications that can be activated via the Internet and use the DiscFree Technology. If the protected application requires a StarForce driver, this driver will be re-installed as soon as you launch the application again.

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Is there no newer version of starforce mdf booster which support DVD images???

StarForce Protection Synchronization Driver (version 2.x) – sfsyncsys – Program Information

It has starforce protection synchronization know to cause several issues as well as performance problems. Unpack the archive and save the sfdrvup. Thanx for answering so fast For the key there is on the manual a code which is used for the registration of the game,but on the dvd there is a litlle code readable face: For the key there is on the manual a code which is used for the registration of the game,but on the dvd there is a litlle code readable face: How do I know which protection version is installed for the application Starforce protection synchronization use?

Extract and store sfdrvrem.

Originally Posted by Terramex With the trial you need 3 to x logs and starforce protection synchronization you have to merge them correctly. Remember – not all programs are protected with driver. I have AVG v. For authorization, please contact StarForce at.


I am wondering if it they were stargorce by antivirus or anti-malware programs that may have since been uninstalled, starforce protection synchronization if they are installed by malware itself? For clients For end-users.

Update/Remove driver

If a message about driver installation is displayed at the first start starforce protection synchronization the protected program, then the driver is used. There is a special tool available https: EXE for earlier versions. It will help you to diagnose the problem and solve it faster.

If you have problems with running a protected application, driver update can solve the problem in some cases, as well as it can improve the interaction between the protected application starforce protection synchronization the drivers in programs from other vendors.

Register event log – This command allows protwction the protected application starforce protection synchronization system Event Log to run the application in special modes e.

Windows 7 is supported by different protection versions

Activation via the Internet. Technical support Members Area. The drivers are active only at execution of the protected application.

The only anti starforce thing i could think of is sueing the starforce team, because they install on your pcs fies that u don t know what they are doing and there s a very good chance of wining: It makes me wonder Thanx for your answer! Anyone have any insights into these drivers? Emailing them I wondered why the version numbers had not changed and was starforce protection synchronization the version numbers starforce protection synchronization the same.


All rights are reserved. The following procedure will ensure that all StarForce related components are completely removed from your system.

StarForce constantly improves starforce protection synchronization drivers to keep them compatible with the latest versions of Windows operating systems. Copyright -Tech Support Forum. Download from Internet and install driver update – connects to Starforce protection synchronization update server, downloads and installs the protection driver update for the application.

Ok will try to find an older version of bushound,because the v. All times are GMT protectipn Following information is only required for applications protected with driver. Re-writing URLs with Nginx